Service Requirements

Online Stewardship Form

The guidelines for completing the requirement are as follows:
1. High school students will complete 4 hours for school, 4 hours for parish, 4 hours for community.
2. Junior high students will complete 2 hours for school, 2 hours for parish, 2 hours for community.
3. At least 8 hours must be completed during the school year by a high school student and 4 hours during the year by a junior high student.
4. Four of the 12 hours may be completed during the summer in any category.
5. Service for “community” includes any service performed for someone the student is not related to, and for which they receive no compensation.
6. Hours performed during Mass (server, lector, usher) will not count; time outside of Mass (music prep or taking Holy Communion to the homebound) will be accepted.
7. Working events required by a team or other group the student is involved in will not count (e.g. a wrestler who works the Beckman wrestling tournament will not be able to count those hours). 
8. Service hours must be recorded on the online form available on the BCHS webpage under the "Faith" pulldown menu.
9. A student’s Theology grade will be considered “Incomplete” until the service requirement is fulfilled. An incomplete grade results in extracurricular ineligibility according to State rules.
10. Any questions about service should be directed to the student’s theology teacher. An assigned staff member will check progress of the hours with conversations taking place periodically throughout the year.

Confirmation preparation includes service components separate and in addition to these requirements. Consult your local parish regarding expectations for Confirmation.