Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My chromebook completely drained of it's charge and now will not boot. What can I do?
Answer: Sometimes when a chromebook is completely drained of it's charge it will not boot or charge unless it's plugged into it's power adapter with the laptop's lid left open. It may take a few minutes for the laptop to receive enough charge to turn on again and only after it boots will it begin to charge correctly again.

Question: My chromebook is not connecting to wifi. What can I do?
Answer: In most cases, shutting down the laptop and restarting will correct the issue. If not, you will need to bring the latop to the Technology Office.

Question: We have the Dish Network as our home internet provider and my chromebook will not connect to the iBoss filter when I am connected to our home wireless. What can be done to get connected at home?
Answer: There has been a known issue with Dish Network and the iBoss filter. Anyone connecting to the internet using the Dish Network may need to see Mr. Derr for a work around to access the internet from home.

Question: My chromebook does not allow me to connect to my Google Drive and the date is not set correctly. What do I do?
Answer: The Chrome OS went through a recent update and now will not allow you access to your Google accounts because the chromebook's date does not synchronize correctly. If this happens to you, bring your chromebook to the Technology Office and it will need to have it's Chrome OS reinstalled. Most individuals that are experiencing this problem, state that the date on their chromebook stopped displaying correctly after their laptop's battery was drained to a low level. Charging the battery every night can avoid this and many other issues!

Question: My chromebook screen appears damaged, how did that happen?
Answer: Damage to screens can take place when a laptop is dropped or something placed on top of it with force (even if it is in a case). Also forceful closing of the lid has been known to case damage. Close lid with items inside laptop such as pens, pencils, or even paper is not advised.

Question: Can you further explain how the iBoss filter works on the chromebook?
Answer: Please view the link "iBoss Filter" found the previous page for information on the iBoss filter.

Question: Do the Chromebooks have virus, malware and spyware protection?
Answer: The Chrome OS has virus, malware and spyware protection build into system and is automatically updated. Because of the nature of the Chrome OS (not being Windows nor Mac), it is not as open to virus attacks.

Question: What about the laptop sitting in the car after school. child works after school. How will the laptop handle the heat or cold in the car?
Answer: Depends on the weather on any given day and the time period it will be left there. If it is extremely hot or cold, it is not advised leaving a laptop in a car for an extended period of time. Cases may assist some here, but it is not advised to leave a laptop in a vehicle on extreme temperature days.

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