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St. Thomas Aquinas

Philosophy of Theology Department:

The Theology Department seeks to provide all Beckman students with a spiritual environment formed through faithful instruction ordered to growth in the Catholic Faith emphasizing development of the intellectual tools necessary to live this Faith in today's world.

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Courses Available For Theology:

Theo 9

First Semester: Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

SUMMARY: Students will demonstrate a familiarity with the Roman Catholic understanding of the inspiration, formation and interpretation of the Scriptures.

Second Semester: Who is Jesus?

SUMMARY: Students will demonstrate familiarity with the nature of faith, the person of Jesus Christ, and the implications of our relationship with him.

Theo 10

First Semester: Mission of Jesus Christ

SUMMARY: Students will demonstrate knowledge God's saving plan accomplished in Jesus Christ and how being a disciple of Jesus Christ allows us to share in that plan.

Second Semester: Sacraments

SUMMARY: Students will demonstrate an understanding of each of the seven sacraments and Sacramental Economy, through which the Church deploys these Sacraments for the sanctification of Catholics.

Theo 11

First Semester: The Mission of Jesus Christ Continues in His Church

SUMMARY: Students will know the origin and nature of the Church. They will understand the Church as the People of God and the Body of Christ. They will know how Christ continues to live and act in His Church.

Second Semester: Vocations

SUMMARY: Students will know Catholic teaching regarding: the vocation of humanity and the four traditional vocations endorsed by the Church as means to achieve that vocation.

Theo 12

First Semester: Moral Theology

SUMMARY: Students will possess knowledge of the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church through an exposition of the Decalogue and will be capable of using those teachings as the bases for decision.


Second Semester: Apologetics

SUMMARY: Students will come to possess the knowledge, confidence and skills to maintain and explain their Catholic faith in deffering environments of differing degrees of hostility or indifference.

Intro to Religions

SUMMARY: This course is a topical introduction to the study of religion, exploring the human search for the holy and the ultimate. Through descriptions and analysis of the dimensions of religious expression common to all religious traditions, students develop an understanding of the phenomena of religion using examples from different religious tradtions as well as from literature and philosophy.

Everyday Theo

SUMMARY: In order to continue and improve upon Beckman's solid Catholic identity, and to more thoroughly address the Bishop's Curriculum Framework, high school theology classes will begin meeting everyday. This will start with the ninth grade in Fall of 2015.

Theology Department Members:

Mr. Jerry McGrane (Head of Dept.)

Mrs. Beth Derr

Mr. Tony Digmann